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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 21, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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difficult time, fair, balanced and unand still unafraid. jake brewer was just 34 years old. tonight, "on the record," presidential candidate donald trump is here. and the g.o.p. race for the white house getting a little bit smaller, wisconsin governor scott walker suspending his campaign. after rising in the polls earlier in the race, walker's poll numbers have plummeted, the latest cnn national poll gave walker less than half a percent in republican voters. donald trump is still leading the pack. that's that same poll finding 24% of republican voters favor the billionaire businessman. but a little bit of bad news, that's down 8% from earlier this month. and former hewlett packard ceo carly fiorina rocketing up to second place with 15 points. that's still nine points behind donald trump. dr. ben carson is third with 14%. and g.o.p. frontrunner donald trump joins us. good evening, sir. >> hi, greta. >> so, the news that
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governor scott walker suspending his campaign. your thoughts tonight, sir. >> i feel badly for him. he is a nice guy. i got to know him a little bit as you say the trail. going out on the trail. i think he is he a terrific guy and a nice guy. and i think it's been tough for him. he started off high and his poll numbers went, but he will do fine. and he is a good governor and he has got plenty to governor. -- govern. >> do you intend ask him for his endorsement? >> i think he knows the different players. tough for him to do. actually the poll that you just gave is, you know, probably the worst of my polls. i'm at 24%, zogby just came out at 22 and -- 33. i'm doing really well with the polls. i love it we are going to make america great again. we are going to fix all of the problems that have been caused by a lot of
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incompetent politicians. >> the cnn poll is sort of the one that we relied on because the problem with thing so buy poll although you are winning in both of them i give that to you as well. zogby is online poll. we lean more toward the cnn poll which you are indeed winning as well. >> nbc just came out with one 29%. even above that there is plenty of polls, that's for sure. i don't know why these people hire pollsters when you have polls coming out every 15 minutes. the polls have been terrific. >> all right. let me turn now to the latest. the muslim issue. and that's certainly generating some controversy. i don't know if you know but dr. ben carson this weekend said he would not support a muslim for president. what's your thought about this controversy? >> well, i have a lot of respect for ben carson and i like him a lot. and we have had a very good relationship. i you think that basically if somebody can get elected. you know, they are going to be vetted and if somebody can get elected that's what it is all about. it's electoral process. i would tend to go along with that. >> well, you mean tend to go along with that?
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>> with an election. if you win an election in this country if you win an election. i would say. this you know, ben was saying there are difficulties. and i think everybody knows what those difficulties are. and people want to be politically correct. but there have been difficulties. and a lot of people agree with ben. i do think that ben would also agree though if properly vetted. proper people being vetted going through an election, i think that anybody who is able to win an election will be absolutely fine. >> do i take from that that if properly vetted that you wouldn't have a problem voting with someone who is muslim provided the person agreed with you politically? >> they would have to go through the long hard process. it's a long, tough road, greta, can i it will you, and it really is very revealing. and i would have no problem with it, no. >> why is it such an issue? >> well with, you look at what's happening. the world has got some terrible terrors and problems. and it seems to be mostly in
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that area. and i think that a lot of people see it and they see what's happening and they turn on their television every night and they see all of the tremendous damage and destruction that's being caused and, you know, they hear about isis and they figure isis is not exactly located in the middle of sweden. i said the other day to somebody i don't notice many swedish people going back after the bombing of the world trade center. it's a problem. it's a big problem. and it's a problem that's going to have to be solved. it has to be solved quickly. >> is there, in your mind a difference between moderate muslims and radical extremists or do you see no difference? >> no. of course there is a difference. and we're not talking about i know some people, some muslims who are friends of mine who have great people. fantastic people and they are concerned about radicalism, very, very concerned with radicalism, as much as you are and as much as i am. you do have a problem with the radical muslims and the whole thing that's going on
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around the world. a lot of people don't want to hear about it it they think it's not politically you correct to say whatever you want to say about it but the problem exists so we have to talk about it. >> you and i haven't spoken since your town hall in new hampshire in which someone asked you a question and said that president obama was muslim and not american, i think essentially is what he said. why didn't you say something? >> well, number one, i don't like talking about somebody's faith. i think it's inappropriate for me to. somebody is making a statement. it's not my job frankly to defend the president. the president is capable of defending himself. i said almost there thinking should i speak of? and the fact is this is the first time in my life i didn't say anything and it was a big story. usually i have to say something. this was a case, in fact, people sort of smile about it, i didn't say anything and it became this massive story and probably led to, you know, ben's story because ben is going -- i have a very good
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relationship with ben and ben is going through a whole lot with this situation. this gentleman got up and made some pretty strong statements. i you think that obama, president obama will be able to defend himself if he he wants to. i know one thing, is he not going to defend me. if somebody says something about me, greta, he is not defending me. that, i know for sure. >> actually i will give you that one, donald. i do think i that is probably true. i don't think people defend each other much in politics. >> you also were quoted today and correct me if i am wrong, carly fiorina robotic. you understand you agree with her in business or policy. you took a swipe at her saying she is robotic. >> a few things. i have heard her speak numerous times and she uses many of the same lines and many of them i can quote exactly word from word and it comes out like a robot. and, frankly, if you hear her for periods of time you get a big fat beautiful headache. and i have seen this and i have watched it. and much more importantly, if you look at hewlett packard and if you look at
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lucent which nobody even talks about it but lieu isn't might have been a bigger disaster than h.p. she was a disaster at running these companies. she was a total and complete disaster. the head of the yale business school came out with just a report saying one of the worst chief executive officers ever. forbes has had articles talking about what a terrible job she did. she was an salute disaster. absolute disaster. she failed at hp and lucent. the stock and company went down the tubes. hp let go of 25,000 people last week which they say still is the remnant of carlie. all of the thousands and thousands of people that have been let go. then she goes out and she runs for the united states senate against barbara boxer who she criticized actually in a lot of different ways, but she lost in a landslide. she got killed in that election. so now she is running f president. i don't quite get it but, you know, i don't always get
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everything. >> this is what i don't get. in listening to everything you have said, you have all these arguments against her on, you know, business arguments, what i don't understand is is the robotic comment is that, every once in a while, donald, you slip in and get personal. personal ammunition. >> that's not a personal. >> robotic don't you think that's insulting. >> words come out and a lot of times and in fact i read this the other day. as a matter of fact i used the word robotic is in a story. exact same words she used the day before and the day before, it's very interesting. if you walch and if you see, you will see exactly what i'm talking about no i find it to be be very robotic and i think a bigger problem frankly is her horrible tenure at various companies that frankly were destroyed. we don't have to have the united states destroyed from an economic standpoint, we have a lot of problems in this country, the last thing we need is the person that ran hp and lucent to be running the united states. >> russian military build up
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in syria. that's something that is disturbing. i wonder what you would do about that. >> i tell people all the time, i'm leading in all the polls and frankly i don't want people to know, i want to have a certain, i want to have the ability to do what i want to do without everybody. do. i don't want all of these other people hearing what i'm going to do. >> you are just telling us then to guess. you really need to sort of make your case if this is important issue. and, you know, we're looking at solutions and strong leaders-to-solve. just vote for me. american people want to get some idea of what you think you would do to fix this problem. >> greta, you have to have -- you have to be in a position where people have to be able to guess. they can't have you be so consistent that they know every single move you are going to make. for one thing i would probably, because you can't always guarantee it but i would get along with putin. i would most likely, which
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the president right now doesn't. but as far as syria is concerned. if putin goes in there and if he is able to knock out isis, which he has a big reason to do it because he doesn't want him to coming into other places, if goes isis to. me,s that not the worst thing i have ever heard of and i have told that to people and they have loved what i to say. they are going in and fighting isis on behalf of ourselves and who are we helping assad. assad must think we are the dumbest people on earth, because isis wants to fight assad they can't get through this because they are fighting us. if russia wants to do the job on sis sis. it would be something that i would not be extremely concerned about, that i could tell you, greta. at the same time, i don't want people to know all my thoughts because i do have a good chance, and if i'm there, i don't want people to go back to your show and say well, this is what he is going to do, i don't want him to be able to figure me out. if general douglass mcarthur and if general pat test ever heard and some of the great generals ever
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heard all of this talk, this political talk. they would be spinning in their grave. you want to go and do what you want have to do without telling the world about it. >> the question i asked governor chris christie the other day, if you had 15 minutes with the pope who is visiting the united states this week, what would you -- just the two of you, what would you talk about? what would you ask him ask him religion, views on global warming. he seems to be getting extremely political and seems to feel strongly about the whole global warming situation which i disagree with him on. i would actually talk to him about that to see if he is serious about it? >> and anything else? >> well, i would talk about religion. i would talk about a lot of things. i actually like him. i'm not sure that he is i think he is getting political in husband views and statements. i would certainly like to talk time. i think he is he a terrific guy. i think he has brought spirit back to the church
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that was missing. i think he is going to do a great job and wonderful to have him here. >> donald, nice to talk to you. thanks for joining us. >> thank you very much, greta. >> wisconsin governor scott walker was once a leading candidate, business reversal : governor walker official. suspending his presidential campaign. >> today, i you believe that i'm being called to lead by helping to clear the field in this race so that a positive, conservative message can rise to the top of the field. with this in mind, i will suspend my campaign immediately. i encourage other republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same. so that the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive alternative to the current frontrunner. this is fundamentally foreign to the future of the
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party, and more importantly, to the future of our country. >> the "on the record" political panel is here from the hill ab stoddard. political director rick klein the fact that he says he wants to help find a conservative alternative to the frontrunner, that's another way to say that he is mad at donald trump or he wants him out. >> this is the dump trump movement. scott walker dropping out has to make us reassess a lot of our assumptions about this republican presidential field. we were expecting this split 17 way field. two things were happening. one scott walker was running out of money. he was looking at empty campaign covers and having to go into dent to keep this going. and other thing is pressure and establishment class that says we have to console daughter. we have to coalesce, whether or not they take scott walker's advice and begin to drop out. we could be looking at much smaller field than we have been anticipating. scott walker. who is governor scott walker support, do you think?
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>> i don't know. he is obviously not going to make an enforce dorisment. this is amazing transformation in terms of what the conventional wisdom what the party's and what they were set to do after the age of barack obama a junior senator who became president. i mean this is really, i think rick is right, consolidated pretty quickly. you are probably looking at maybe christie holds on for a while. i think huckabee is gone so you have an establishment group of kasich and rubio and jeb bush and then, of course, you have the outsiders, donald trump and a surges fiorina and ben carson. i think it's going to get tighter and oxygen is going to run out of of the room pretty soon. voters are in one of those two votes. they -- i think scott is right they need fewer choices. >> only 47. not going away. the afl-cio statement by the richard trump canot
4:15 pm
everybody is gracious. because he says, this is the afl, cio statement. scott walker is still a disgrace, just no longer national. still at some point once in a while. at least take a deep breathe. >> one day someone nice but. >> reaches deep down. >> exactly except for that. >> i think he is that role where he is play a bit of an elder statesman. potentially run in the future. be viable as cabinet secretary. just reelected in wisconsin. still serve out that term. he has said before that it has to be a governor. has said that very explicitly. that the nominee has to be a governor. does he actually -- does he actually endorse one of these. >> sask, christie. >> jindal as well. >> serious about winnowing the field serious. i think co-rubyee is the beneficiary of this
4:16 pm
nussments also made the announcement picked up walker's campaign chairman in new hampshire. >> it did seem bitter. >> i think these people gont love each other. divisive figure in his own state. i want mark he and perry dream candidates. had the experience of governor, executive experience and quite conservative and that's not popular enough right now in a divided party going in another direction. >> ab and rick, stick around, ben carson in trouble for saying he would not put a muslim in charge of america. new clues about vice president biden's future. that's straight ahead. give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask.
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dr. ben carson under fire. the retired neurosurgeon refusing to back down over his comment that the united states should not elect a muslim president. dr. carson on meet the president said the islamic faith is not consistent with american values and just a short time ago dr. carson defended himself in an interview airing with sean hannity 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> let's talk about the interview and what you said specifically about a muslim president. do you stand by the comments? >> absolutely i stand by the comments. you know, what we have to do is we have to recognize that this is america. and we have a constitution. and we do not put people in -- at the leadership of our country whose faith might entry interfere with them carrying out the duties of the constitution. >> the "on the record" political panel is back from the hill a.b. stoddard and abc news political director rick klein. well, rick, he certainly has
4:21 pm
stirred up the debate. >> he has. and the debate often has to do or starts and ends with the constitution, which of course, says in article 6 that there shall knob religious test. i think that's the piece of it that makes this problematic for dr. carson if he just stood back and said i wouldn't personally you support or finance up to the voters to support. i don't think it's likely. it's a hypothetical. there is a lot of good answers to this he q he clearly believes this and a segment of voters believes him. constitutionalists including tea party republicans that run for president that is a problematic answer. >> he did say he would consider for congress. so, it's not like it was totally a muslim thing but muslim for president indeed is what he said. >> press today hey the republican primary voters are 80, 20 with us. worked for us just final. that's scwecially what he was saying. to see ted cruz schooling dr. carson in the constitution is quite a moment. they are going after the same voters. ted cruz wants to be friends with carson supporters and
4:22 pm
carson supporters quite differential. he bawivelgly -- basically told him there isn't a religious test and doesn't pass constitutional muster. it's an interesting moment because you see donald trump's and ted cruz he is out on hesitate own o. might please the voters, is it going to -- i think it's going to remain controversial and be a subject of attention for a long time. >> well, he is certainly married to that statement. if he ends up being the nominee. that will be a question that will be asked at a debate with whoever the democratic nominee. >> no question in my mind. even if it would help him with the segment of the voters. hard thing to explain to people. everything else being equal with someone, just their religion would disqualify them. this is part of the learning process of ben carson, both him learning about things like the constitution, also the voter learning about him and his views. >> it's sort of interesting. he is wrong on the constitution. but i you think -- i mean, i'm not so sure that he is not tapping into something in america.
4:23 pm
>> right. but it's not what even the king of controversy, donald trump, thinks is acceptable to say. and so, it is going to dog him whether he is just a candidate in a presume marry or the nominee. >> how does he walk it back, a.b.? >> he is not trying to. run for congress. >> he may next week. >> he has been doubling down. he has been doubling down so far and maybe will read the constitution and decide that that -- that he shouldn't have said it that way or something. he hasn't walked it back. and i think when ted cruz is turning on you, you know, it's a pretty -- it's problematic statement. >> the constitution doesn't apply to individuals, of course, it's about the government. so he can say this is my personal opinion on the subject. that's not what he is saying so far. >> that's the problem. he didn't say that that was his problem. how do you walk that back? >> i think you have to get to that point this is my personal view, you are free to have your own view.
4:24 pm
that is the only way. >> he is not taking it yet. >> not yet. 10:00 p.m. is his entire interview with sean on this, a.b., rick, stay with us. >> thanks, greta. >> hillary clinton served 8 years as a first lady, 8 years as senator and four years as secretary of state. now she is claiming to be an outsider like carly fiorina. is she? that's straight ahead. you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin. used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus at the site of infection and get to the root of your toe tucking. kerydin may cause irritation at the treated site. most common side effects include skin peeling... ...ingrown toenail, redness, itching, and swelling. tell your doctor if you have any side effect that bothers you or does not go away. stop toe tucking... and get the drop on toenail fungus. ask your doctor today about kerydin. awe believe active management can protect capital long term.
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>> founders have never intended us to have professional political class. >> i can't imagine anyone being more of an outsider than the first lady of the president. >> i have been in the public eye for so long. >> i am a real person. >> we know the only way to reimagine our government is to reimagine who is leading it. >> i cannot imagine anyone being more of an outsider than the first woman president. >> well, outsider is the new cool. former hewlett packard carly fiorina riding a massive raid of popularity. status americans as she battles for the white house. now former first lady and senator and secretary of state says she is a political outsider because she is a woman. is hillary clinton an outsider? tennessee marcia blackburn is "on the record." good evening, is being a woman an outsider? >> hillary is the ultimate inside are if you will.
4:29 pm
greta, we're talking about a woman that hasn't driven a car are in over 26 years because someone, that's on the government payroll has been doing that for her. she is an insider and there is no way she can say outsider enough times to make people believe that. they know better than that it's really kind of silly for her to say it. >> is carlie you fiorina a feminist? >> is she a feminist? i don't know if i would say she is a feminist. >> she is an individualist. i think she is an individualist. and, you know, feminists want to focus on gender and carlie doesn't focus on gender. i don't focus on gender. he you think that there are ways for women to excel without that you know, you are the best person for the job. and that's something i try to communicate. i you know carlie is out there trying to communicate that same thing. >> you know, it's interesting. i finally looked up the word feminist in the dictionary today because it's been so hijacked by everybody. what it means is advocating
4:30 pm
social political legal economic rights for women dival equal to that as men. it has been sort of -- everyone has taken it to mean equal rights, equal men. no extra credit or anything just equal. >> when you are looking for that equality absolutely in that sense of the word. but to say that women need preferential treatment, that is something i have never wanted to see and i don't think you see carly fiorina out there campaigning saying we need -- let's do something other than be equal and be fair. i know many times what i want is a level playing field. and i think most women want that. give them an equal footing, a level playing field. give them the same opportunity and don't short change them. when it comes to it opportunity and, by the way, you know, guys don't con descend. you know, get over that. >> all right. do you think that secretary clinton would say that carly fiorina is sort of a double
4:31 pm
outsider? one for being an outsider, having never served in office, a politician, and the other for being a woman? do you think she would call carlie an outsider, too? >> i think shirley going to try to tweet words to suit herself. she is definitely doing that with outsider. it's like what's the meaning of is. i doubt she would ever say car solid a double outsider if that were to be her standards. the point is. this hillary knows the three descriptors that people use for her. the three top descriptors are liar, dishonest, and not trust worthy. and she knows that that's the problem. she also knows that people see her as not facing some of the challenges that millions of women face every single day. and not having the burden of work on her that many women have every single day. hillary in her campaign know that this is a problem. so they are trying to say that she is more real, if
4:32 pm
you will. and i think they are struggling with this. women want to see somebody that is very much like them. that knows what it is to work. knows what it is to have to struggle and to fight back. knows what it is like to meet all the demands of a family. and be that mom in the minivan that's trying to make things happen every single day. that's what they are looking for. someone that they can relate to. hillary clinton is not someone that they are relating to. >> representative, nice to see you. >> good to so you, greta, thanks. >> and vice president joe biden might get left in the dust. the vice president has not decided yes or no to run for president but the clock is ticking. >> it's not quite there yet and it may not get there in time to make it feasible to be able to run and succeed because there is certain windows that will close. but you, that's it, that's
4:33 pm
it. but it's not like i can rush it. it's not like it either happens or it doesn't happen. i know that's not satisfying to anybody. but people who have been there, i know they understand. >> the "on the record" political panel is back. a.b. he doesn't seem to have the fire in the belly like he really wants it. this is such a different -- >> -- this is complicated circumstances. you don't have fire in the belly for anything when you have lost a child. he last lost his second child. he has lost his first wife. he is in a really, really painful place right now. he is he worried about his grandchildren. bo biden's two kids and a his widow who he would not be able to be be there for if he were running a national campaign. is he actually under a lot of pressure to enter this race. people who think he not only sort of the antidote to hillary clinton. the more authentic terrific experience. ready to go. with you they worry that she is beatable and he has to get in because bernie
4:34 pm
sanders self-declared socialist not going to be the no knee or could win next november. it's not a lark for him when he sits i there and says this is really hard, i'm not there yet, is he not being coy. i hope that the people pressuring joe biden understand that if they get in -- if they tip him in to this race, they better create a power house for him because he is not going to be the typical candidate who jumps out of bed in the morning, looks at his face in the mirror and says only i can do this and i'm so cycled to meet a million voters today. he is tired and in pain and feels conflicted. >> rick, everyone loves a candidate until he gets. in everyone does love joe biden anyway. but the good way to milwaukee people hate is you is to jump into a race. >> the pictures you are showing show how much he loves running and he looks like a candidate. he just doesn't sound like a candidate. you are right. that's part of his calculation. run for president before. he know what is a national campaign looks like. all of that said, people
4:35 pm
continue to hear what he is saying there. even a give occasion, hesitation and say that's him getting to the place that he is going to get to and convinced. people close to him convinced that he is going to run based on the fact that he is going through these motions that he has got an apparatus that's filling in place around him and he needs to go through this process. the time lines are real. and. >> what is the time line? how late can he make this decision? >> functionally the first debate is about a month away. you don't have to be on that stage, it would be good to be there. you start hitting filing deadlines for ballots at the beginning of november. iowa caucus is in february. you could win foe tenelly if you give up on a few of those. you want to be in the game to start winning delegates. november is at late as functionally you can go. >> i imagine if president obama were to agree to endorse him, that might be a tip. >> i wrote this in my column last week. the subject of discussions, president obama can help this happen if he walks away from his implicit endorsement of hillary clinton and backs joe up by
4:36 pm
den. >> make -- >> make him ballistic if he does that. >> biden doesn't have a viable path without obama. >> that would mean obama would turn on secretary of state. >> it's unfathomable to think about but that would be the possibility. >> a.b., rick, thank you both. >> thank you, greta. >> pope francis will be in wawrgd in less than 24 hours. now wowing crowds in cuba. we are live in havana. next. plus, drivers terrified by flying bullets hoping the case is finally solved. but is it? that's coming up. and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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4:41 pm
steve? >> greta, the turnout, the enthusiasm for this pope has been huge. cuba and the united states helping to restab diplomatic relations the cuba begans bif give hum a lot of turnout. the turnout has been large. 200,000 square here on sunday. people started to arrive about 3:00 in the morning really hungry for what it that pope has had to say. his message has been one of humility. some people are trying to read in. read pretty hard to try to find that criticism. potential criticism would be when the pope said don't serve ideology but serve other people. still, a long way from any direct challenge to the system here. he has met with both the castro brothers with 84-year-old raoul and 8 the 9-year-old fidel. the meeting with fidel in
4:42 pm
havana here went 40 minutes in fidel's house. his wife, children and grand children were present. it was interesting to see just on the video how the leader of the catholic church and the man who basically banned the catholic church here for 50 years were having a friendly, animated conversation and giving each other gifts. the relationship between the pope and raoul, the current cuban leader seems to be even closer. raoul has gone to every mass. he is basically traveling across the cuban countryside now with the pope. raoul has joked the way this pope writes about the evils of capitalism i might even go back to church some day. as far as any meetings with dissidents go, that's been a bit of a sore point so far. a number of different dissident groups have tried to crash papal events. they have tried to get close to the pope. one even grabbing on to the pope mobile. the vatican press office has been clear there were no officially, publicly scheduled meeting between this pope and any dissident. as far as his next move goes
4:43 pm
the pope gives open air mass in cuba's east tomorrow morning and midday he will head to washington, d.c. for a very different atmosphere and different scene. he will go to the white house to meet with president obama. he will give a papal parade in d.c. on thursday a much anticipated address to a joint session of congress really going to be interesting before a global audience just how far this pope who is known to be unscripted and to speak about a lot of topics that other popes haven't spoken about before just how direct or indirect is he when he is in the united states with his criticism? greta, back to you. >> steve, thank you. i can tell you washington is getting ready for him. we will see you tomorrow. thank you, steve. a suspect in custody after a string of shootings along a highway. this is frightening. the case is far from closed. that's next. you can keep chasing after youth.
4:44 pm
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4:48 pm
innocent they have the wrong guy. alsoly ann alan merritt is being held on 1-million-dollar bail and faces 28 felonies. even though ballistics tie his gun to the shooting he says he is not the one cops are looking for are. >> all i have a to say i'm the wrong guy. i tried telling the detective that my gun has been in the pawnshop for the last two months. i haven't even had access to a weapon. >> is the case involved? arizona director of public safety frank goes "on the record." sir, are you convinced that you have the right guy? >> we have probable cause. >> we know when the gun was purchased. we are also firmly aware of when the dog was -- gun was pawned. he fill out pawn slips you
4:49 pm
can easily look at. we have served search warrants on the pawnshop and have all that accurate data. are you confident it's one shooter or can there be somebody else out there. perhaps somebody worked a concert with or even a copycat? >> i think both are possible. i think you can look at copy cats and were there other people that this person knew that was involved? we are looking for indicia that would indicate that he may be responsible for more than one of these. but, the thing that we do know for sure is there were three different types of incidents. there was 9-millimeter shootings which we believe that he was involved in. we have had these projectile shootings which we attribute to possibly a b b or maybe a pellet. and then we have a road rage incident that i would tell you my gut tells me is not linked but we have to look at all of them together. >> all right. had there been any incidents since he has been locked up? >> no. coincidently there has been no incident since he has been locked up with
4:50 pm
projectiles or with the gun. and there has been no gun shootings since that gun was pawned. >> is the only evidence you have that ties him to this, this gun that was pawned? i mean, do you have any statements he has made? anything he said to anybody else? anything that places him in the vicinity? anything at all other than the gun and this pawnshop? >> i would love to tell you that, greta. because this story is good and it will continue to get better and there is a lot of blanks to be filled in. my public is dieing to hear the rest of the story if you will. at this point we have ongoing interviews and other things being done behind the scenes that would compromise it i'm not trying to be difficult. i just don't want to mess up all the hard work that's already gone into this case. >> colonel, thank you very much for joining us tonight, sir. >> thanks, greta. thanks for following this. this is important. >> thank you. and tonight, the ms. i have staggering and growing. hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing their lives in syria.
4:51 pm
overwhelming europe. hundreds are fleeing to greek islands hoping to make their way to the mainland. fox news correspondent benjamin hall has the story. >> here on the beautiful island tragedy is never far away. we spent so 1 hours today watching boat after boat as they came across the treacherous sea from turkey each one bringing up to 30 people on boats barely able to carry them. one after another. fleeing the horrors behind them and joining what has become the biggest mass migration of people since the second world war. desperate refugees come across the state from turkey, one after the other they keep coming. and the crisis of this outstanding. we are seeing here about 20, 30 people all so pleased to have reached the promise land that is europe. they have braved theetsz waters. they have traveled over six miles to get here. they are the lucky ones who survived. many others have been dying during this very crossing. >> up to four and a half
4:52 pm
thousand refugees make this journey every day. and often boats don't make it leaving the bodies of whole families washed back to the turkish shore. this tragic journey is only possible due to a massive human smuggling route and traffickers charge $1,500 for the one hour journey giving the desperate refugees a life jacket, putting them' in a boat with a small motor and simply pointing them across the seas. two nights ago, 24 drowned. the night before that, 36. before that, 20. but even once they arrive here, their journey is just beginning. once on the island. they move into camps. herded into ferries and then pushed from country to country until finding one that will take them. as the europe struggles to do so, it appears that the u.s. will soon start to absorb more of those numbers. secretary of state john kerry yesterday he would increase the number of worldwide refuse imees coming to america from 75,000 to 8 a thousand next year. rising to 100,000 in 2017.
4:53 pm
greta? >> and coming up, there is news that really got to me this weekend. i can't forget it i will tell you what it is off the record. next, don't forget to watch hannity tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. presidential candidate dr. ben carson joins sean tonight at 10:00 p.m. on hannity. a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept is getting out there with less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, i will. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus it had significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. that really mattered to me. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding.
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get ready to speed read the news, the mother of baby dough -- doe found dead in a trash can held on 1-million-dollar bail. the father and mother charged on murder. mac carte being held on. 2-year-old bella bond was found on the shore of the boston harbor in june. two american hostages are now free. the americans are among six hostages released in yemen. the six former hostages
4:58 pm
houthi rebels are now safely. one more american also believed held by the houthis was not among those released. and donald trump's alma mater closing its doors. the new york military academy shutting down after 126 years due to bankruptcy. donald trump, the current g.o.p. presidential frontrunner, credits the school with turning rowdy teenager into an ambitious businessman. the strict military school may not have worked for everyone. infamous mobster john gody gatti went to the school but left before graduating. >> let's all go off-the-record. i'm having trouble shaking this one. it is so sad. fox news contributor mary katharine ham's husband jake brewer died this weekend. he was killed in a bicycle accident while doing something for others. biking for cancer charity. jake and mary katharine have a young child a toddler and mary katharine is pregnant with their second child.
4:59 pm
i see mary katharine often here at fox news. i don't know her very well. mostly we exchange casual small talk. but it's almost impossible not to feel extreme grief for her and their child. and while i'm absolutely without words to console, i admire mary katherine who took to instagram to console everyone else. writing in part, quote: in a life where nothing is guaranteed, jake made the absolute ever loving most with his time with all of us, end quote. catherine's statement says a lot about jake. makes me wonder and probably you, too. are we all making the most of our lives and even doing what we can for others? grow to my facebook page to read mary katharine's entire post about her husband jake and you can leave a message for family there. jake memorial fund that's my off-the-record tonight. thank you for being with us.
5:00 pm
10:00 p.m. dr. carson is on with sean. o'reilly factor up next good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: i absolutely would not put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutelily would not agree with that. >> we ask that mr. carson withdraw from the presidential race. >> more insanity. this is how working americans are being hosed how our foreign policy is falling apart. tonight charles krauthammer and i will dial with it. >> some conservative americans angry with pope francis but should they be as the pope prepares to come to america. we have a special report. >> what do you think about trump? >> i like him in a way he that he is causing sleuth chaos.


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